Happy World Teachers’ Day

Happy World Teachers’ Day to all Teachers especially to our own Josephinian Teachers-Mission Partners. You are all heroes/heroines and God’s blessing to our youth. God bless you always. We love you.

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2015 Teachers’ Day

……….On the 29th of January 2015, Josephinians celebrated an oh-so-special day in honor of the heroes who have taught them a great many things. Heroes who have sacrificed their time and effort so that the may be light a bright future for others. Heroes known as teachers.

……….On this particular day, chosen students from the Supreme Student Government (SSG) superseded teachers and experienced both the joy and hardships of teaching. The morning classes were facilitated solely by the student-teachers who took responsibility for every action ┬átheir students did. In the afternoon, the main event begun with a solemn prayer thanking God for the blessings He generously gave us. All of the students cooperated to give their second parents the love and appreciation they deserved. Apologies were made, tears of joy evident on the eyes of others, and smiles formed on everyone’s lips. With the words “pugay kamay”, students saluted their teachers who were surprised by the gesture. But even teachers have made preparations and did a dance number featuring all of them. Happiness reigned and the day ended with a prayer filled with thanksgiving to the Lord Almighty.

-Written by Venice Contreras