St. Joseph Academy of Sariaya, Quezon(formerly known as St. Joseph’s Academy) is a Catholic School un­der the direction of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM), an international religious institute of women founded in 1877 by a French woman, Helen de Chappotin, better known by her religious name,  Mother Mary of the Passion. Her missionaries first came to the Philippines in 1912 to help in the work of evangeli­zation and the development of the Filipino youth. In the year 1921, the Bishop of the Diocese of Lipa, of which Sariaya was a part, extended his invita­tion to the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary to open a school for girls in Sariaya. In response, seven FMM sisters were sent to establish St. Joseph’s Academy on March 17, 1921.

Classes opened for the first time on June 13 to 110 pupils in the old convento. The school offered kindergarten, elementary, and high school education. In addition, special non-credit courses in embroidery, cooking, painting and voice culture were offered to those interested in home arts, very popular with women at that time.

The number of students gradually increased through the years, and by 1963, it reached the thou­sandth mark. From 1952 to 1988 seven buildings were erected to meet the various needs of the expanding school population.

The school was originally granted recognition by the government as an institution for young boys and girls in the elementary department and exclusively for girls in the secondary department However, in 1987, SJASQ received permission to allow boys from its grade school to join the high school department.


St. Joseph Academy of Sariaya, Quezon is a Christ-centered nurturing home for competent and engaged citizens who witness to truth and charity in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi and Blessed Mary of the Passion.


We commit ourselves to become advocates of a mutually enhancing relationship with all of creation by:

  • Intensifying holistic formation with emphasis on truth and charity
  • Fostering a compassionate faith community with a preferential love for the poor
  • Being actively involved in current social and ecological issues
  • Seeking opportunities for reconciliation
  • Inculcating alternative ways of living and
  • Shaping a culture of cooperation that draws out the best in each one for the common good


St. Joseph Academy of Sariaya, Quezon adheres to the church’s philosophy of education expressed in the Declara­tion of Christian Education of Vatican II:
“…a true education aims at the formation of the human person in the pursuit of his ultimate end the good of societies of which he is a member, and in whose obligations, as an adult he will share…”

The school also bears in mind the Acts of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines regarding the role of Catholic Educational Institutions:”
“…Catholic institutions of learning should not only prepare for Christian community living but should already provide an experience of Chris­tian  community. The Catholic school is not only a place, but a Catholic environment where members of the administration, the faculty, and staff and the students help one another (and the parents as well) develop into Filipinos who are maka-Diyos, maka-tao, at maka-bayan, and not maka-sarili (God-centered, person–oriented,  patriotic and not-self-centered)… aim at producing citizens and leaders who will imbue the world with Christian values. Their products should not only be better technicians, professionals, and money-earners, but also better persons who live not for themselves, but. like Christ. for others.”


  1. Discern who are excluded/poorest in the community where the school is present and orient our services towards them
  2. Promote reconciliation within the school and with the larger community
  3. Work with our school mission partners and priority groups towards mutual empowerment
  4. Be actively involved in current social and ecological issues
  5. Inculcate alternative ways of living                                                                               

School Seal

The SJASQ student is symbolized by the boat which floats on the ocean of life, guided by Mary, Star of the Sea. This weather-beaten boat sails over rough waters towards the harbor where it shall lay at the Master’s feet the treasures it has gathered during life.

School Motto



           It is in an atmosphere of true freedom and CHARITY where TRUTH can be sought and obtained. In this spirit, there is a relationship of sharing, open­ness, trust, and harmony among students, teachers and administrators. Every person is recognized as equal in dignity. It expresses a life and a relationship that is truly Christian.

Alma Mater Song

Glorious your name, St. Joseph;
With grateful hearts we sing
Our love and loyalty to you,
Our Alma Mater dear.
Then sing, we, St. Joseph, ever
As proudly your name we bear;
Strong may our voice re-echo,
Far may our song ring clear.
Strong may our voice re-echo,
Far may our song ring clear.
Values you’ve sown we cherish
Wherever we may be;
Your vision of a Gospel life
We’ll always strive to reach.  (Ref.)


  1. All pupils/students of SJASQ are required to wear the prescribed school uniform and to have the SJASQ Identification Card seen suspended around their neck. 

Elementary Boys:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and special occa­sions

  • white short sleeved polo shirt with SJASQ seal on the left pocket
  • navy blue short pants for Kinder One to Grade Three; navy blue long pants for Grades Four to Six
  • white socks and pure black leather shoes

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • white T-shirt with printed SJASQ seal in front
  • navy blue short pants for Primary level pupils and navy blue long pants for Intermediate pupils.
  • white socks and rubber shoes

Elementary Girls:

  • The prescribed elementary uniform for girls (daily)
  • white socks and pure black shoes (daily)

High School Boys:

Mondays to Thursday and special occa­sions;

  • white short-sleeved polo shirt with SJASQ seal on the left pocket
  • navy blue long pants
  • white/black socks and black shoes
  • pure white sleeveless undershirt (sando)

Friday only

  • white polo shirt with SJASQ seal
  • pure white undershirt (sando)
  • “maong” long pants (not too loose/tight pants)
  • white/black socks and rubber shoes

Note:  For Grade Ten students:  official CAT-1 or BSP uniform will be worn.

High School Girls:

Mondays and special occasions:

  • long sleeved blouse in prescribed cut
  • navy blue skirt
  • black shoes and white socks

Tuesdays till Fridays:

  • short-sleeved white blouse in prescribed cut
  • navy blue skirt
  • black shoes with white socks

For Grade Ten students:  official CAT-1 or GSP uniform will be worn.

All intermediate and high school students are required to wear the prescribed PE uni­form during PE classes.

The school uniform may not be worn when going to movie houses, video shops and any amuse­ment centers and unofficial gatherings outside the school.

Used uniforms may not be given away except to St. Joseph Academy pupils/students au­thorized to wear them.