SJASQ Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC)

In line with the decrees of the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines, SJASQ aims at the formation of small Christian Communi­ties among its students, teachers and staff as a means of Christian renewal.

Each homeroom constitutes the basic unit of the school BEC. It consists of four (4) re­sponsible teams (RT’s): the host team , the service team, the liturgical team and the SAC team. Class officers are elected to govern the unit with the homeroom teacher as adviser.  Regu­lar  Bible-sharing  sessions  are  held  during  the Christian Living classes. The SJASQ MP (Mission Partners) comprise another unit of the school BEC.

Student Government

The chairpersons of all classes together with the elected   officers  of   the   entire Supreme Student Gov­ernment (SSG) for the High School Department and the Supreme Pupils Government (SPG) for the Elementary Department form the En­larged Student Council. They meet whenever necessary to discuss plans and decide on mat­ters pertaining to the concerns of the entire student body. The Elementary School, Junior High School and Senior High School departments    have separate Student Government Organizations with teacher mode­rators on both levels. The SSG and SPG aim to de­velop Christian leadership and responsibility in the operation of the school’s objectives. It assists the administration and faculty in im­plementing school rules and regulations.


  • Little Missionaries of Blessed Mary of the Passion (LMBMOP)
  • Munting Tinig (Elementary School Choir)
  • Junior Athletics Club (JAC)
  • Athletics Club (AC)
  • Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP)
  • Franciscan Youth (YouFra)
  • Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP)
  • Himig Josephinian (High School Choir)
  • What If Somebody Excels (WISE) Club
  • Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O)
  • Young Assuntans (YA)
  • Young Writers Guild (YWG)
  • Youth Evangelization Movement (YEM)

The Club/Organization membership fee paid by students are turned over by the respective Club/Organization Moderator/s to the Treasurer’s Office on or before the last week of July and the list of members submitted to the Principal.  Request for funds may only be done by the Moderator/s with such request duly signed by the respective Principal and the School Directress.