Supreme Student Government Officers 2015 – 2016

SPG Officers

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of SPG for school year 2015-2016.

(HS) SSG Officers S. Y.: 2015 – 2016

Governor: Lagrimas, Jessa M.

Vice Governor: Ortiz, Niño Anton

Secretary: Ramirez, Rica Mae

Asst. Secretary: Ilumin, Randel

Treasurer: Gayeta, Airize Jearl

Asst. Treasurer: Tan, Winzel Kate

Board Members (Alphabetical)

  1. Abril, Angiennet Kristen V.
  2. Antone, Shandell D.
  3. Beltran, Areen S.
  4. Bico, Alfonso Fredrick Q.
  5. Buquid, Eduard P.
  6. Burgo, Intima M.
  7. Carandang, Aliah M.
  8. Carandang, Alyzah M.
  9. Dagos, Mickaela L.
  10. Deodores, Vienne P.
  11. Fontano, Vincent N.
  12. Garcia, Bridgette A.
  13. Madriaga, Justine G.
  14. Opeña, Marifel
  15. Paco, Ann Sherina B.
  16. Tejada, Pamela

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