Congressional Meet Results

Congratulations to the following SJASQ Varsity Players for winning in Congressional Meet held at Dolores, Quezon last September 18-20, 2014.

Ryan Andre D. Carlos – Champion, Badminton (Elementary)
Joaquin Miguel A. Cerillo – First Runner-Up, Taekwondo (Elementary)

Archy B. Evangelista – Champion, Taekwondo (High School)
Kate Danielle O. Desaluna – Champion, Taekwondo (High School)
Erin Marinela R. Saceda – Champion, Taekwondo (High School)
Christma Gwyneth P. De Villa – Champion, Table Tennis (High School)
Christina L. Bisa – Champion, Badminton Girls (High School)
Beatriz U. Limbo – Champion, Badminton Girls (High School)
Jannine Paula D. Salva – First Runner-Up, Badminton Girls (High School)
Danielle Caryl D. Carlos – First Runner-Up, Badminton Girls (High School)
Juan Muhi E. Carlos – First Runner-Up, Badminton Boys (High School)
Randel E. Ilumin – Third Runner-Up, Chess Boys (High School)
Alliah B. Quevada – Second Runner-Up, Volleyball Girls (High School)
Kim Paolo L. Jumawan – Second Runner-Up, Volleyball Boys (High School)

Congratulations Josephinians! And let’s continue our support for our next level players. 🙂


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