Nutrition Month Celebration – On with Awareness

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Amidst of all the crisis Typhoon Glenda had left behind, other than housing repairs, electrical and financial problems, food shortage and malnutrition strikes twice than the others. So to raise awareness on giving importance on the food served in our tables, this year’s Nutrition Month celebration flashes with a theme, “Kalamidad paghandaan, Gutom at Malnutrisyon agapan” to have everyone prepare a room of significance for every morsel entering our mouths.

The event was held last July 30, 2014 and officially started as the Josephinians danced to the beat of different mash-up songs prepared by our PE teachers after the flag ceremony. After the aero-dance, everyone proceeded  to each of their ‘nutritindahan’ while the other students participated on their assigned contests. All at once, the events such as the Mob Dance, Cooking Challenge, Slogan and Collage Making, Nutrition Maze, Vegetable Carving and Salad Preparation commenced. The activities ended well and went without a hitch.

As the afternoon program started, two of our SSG council officers acted as emcees during the whole afternoon – Randell Ilumin and Winzel Tan. Followed by a solemn doxology from the Himig Josephinian, the opening remarks of our beloved School Directress, Sr. Angelita A. Santos, FMM, who said a few words about the calamity that had stricken our province recently. After that, the program started with a Nutrition Jingle from three groups from each different sections and levels. Then, the Short Film Documentary that entertained the students in the whole afternoon.

As the clock struck three, the Josephinians had their health break. As the others had their stomachs filled, the council officers prepared a video for the others to enjoy with the puppet characters of Dodong and his neighborhood in preparation for an upcoming calamity.

Of course, as the time passed by, the judges had the results ready on their hands to announce the winners on each contest upstage. The prizes and the certificates were distributed by Mrs. Zaren Varias and Mrs. Gigi Ronquillo. After that, it was followed by a closing remark to let the event to an end.

Everything went well and as the time grew deeper, everyone have to left the campus and call it a day – and of course, with smiles plastered on their faces.


Written by: Alyana Alog & Carol Bugay


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